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Latest BenguFarm Pre-Release: BenguFarm Pre-Release Update 30-07-2014.exe

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BeefPro is rebranding!

As BenguelaSoft's product offering increases, its time to change. The decision was made to let go of the BeefPro name and rebrand the product offering under the BenguFarm brand. The different modules of BenguFarm are:
  • BenguFarmBeef (the old BeefPro)
  • BenguFarmSheep & Goats (temporarily named SheepPro)
  • BenguFarmGame (temporarily named GamePro)
  • BenguFarmPigs
  • BenguFarmGenetics (the old GenePro)

12-05-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Various Game related additions and changes. Specifications will be provided at a later stage...
07-05-2014 ADDED BenguFarmBeef Veterinary Network Health and Management Services Integration (beta 1) Add-Inns > Veterinary Network
15-04-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Innoculation view screen added to main window.
11-04-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll Speed inprovements on main and animal information (single layout) windows.

HOW TO INSTALL THE UPDATE PLEASE NOTE: This a pre-release update of BenguFarm for .Net Framework 3.5

New to BenguFarm for .Net 3.5
The official .Net 3.5 Update was released on 15 January 2012. Clients who bought BenguFarm before March 2011, should have received a BenguFarm update CD through the post. Clients who bought BenguFarm from March 2011 onwards, did receive pre-release version of BenguFarm for .Net 3.5 and didn't need a CD. They could simply download the update from the web.
Clients who still have the older .Net 1.1 version BenguFarm, will first have to install BenguFarm for .Net 3.5 before they can download a pre-release from this page.

Related Downloads for clients who still use BenguFarm for .Net 1.1:
A.  Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework (SP1) (231 MB)
B.  Crystal Reports Run-Time for Visual Studio 2008 (17.7 MB)
C.  BenguFarm .Net 3.5 Setup (20.6 MB) **
D.  3rd party Components (8 MB) ** [extract to BenguFarm installation directory]

** For a new installation, download and install a, b, c and the latest BenguFarm .Net 3.5 Pre-Release. When updating an existing BeefPro installation, download and install A, B, D and the latest BenguFarm .Net 3.5 Pre-Release.
Latest BenguFarmGenetics Pre-Release: BenguFarm-Genetics Pre-Release 18 October 2013.exe
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