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Latest BenguFarm Pre-Release: BenguFarm Pre-Release Update 05-12-2014 (2).exe

BenguFarm Genetics Users
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Genetics Pre-Release: BenguFarm-Genetics_Pre-Release_3-December-2014.exe

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BeefPro is rebranding!

As BenguelaSoft's product offering increases, its time to change. The decision was made to let go of the BeefPro name and rebrand the product offering under the BenguFarm brand. The different modules of BenguFarm are:
  • BenguFarmBeef (the old BeefPro)
  • BenguFarmSheep & Goats (temporarily named SheepPro)
  • BenguFarmGame (temporarily named GamePro)
  • BenguFarmPigs
  • BenguFarmGenetics (the old GenePro)

25-11-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll
24-11-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmPigs Birth notifications where the boar is imported semen, can now be handled. Field "Semen Code" added to Add and Edit Animals window. Fill in the semen code used by SA Stud Book in the field and leave the HDM field empty.
20-11-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll No changes on screen. Various background code changes for compatibility with upcoming integration with Android Phone App for Game Breeders.
18-11-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Added species BSP-Barbary Sheep and KPS-Klipspringer. Microchips can be indicated as active or non-active on darting screen.
03-10-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll Progeny of recipient cows are now taken into account when determining animal group when calculating stock numbers.
30-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame The Horn Measurements view screen on the main window can now be printed.
29-09-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmAll Under some circumstances the contact capacities did not save correctly.
25-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmBeef Scale file import can now import Drakensberg animal scores.
22-09-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmPigs Opening the Birth Notification and Send Wean Data windows under some circumstances generated an error.
20-09-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll A few smaller cosmetic changes and corrections.
20-09-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmGame There was a problem with PhotoTape whereby photos taken or converted to `n low DPI setting, cut-off to left and/or bottom when opened in PhotoTape.
20-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Camp movement reason added to Animal Groups and Camps window.
20-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Animal procedues added to Darting Window.
17-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmPigs
  • Parity clock on main window maximum number of litters changed to 16.
  • Matings:
    • Default mating type when window is opened now `Natural Mating`
    • Subsequent Crtl+Enter will not add additional to table where sow, date and time is the same than an existing mating
    • Days since will display days since last farrowing where no matings since last farrowing is available
  • Farrowing Window
    • Added view field `Total Born`
    • Changed Litter Group name to `Batch` (`Groep` in Afrikaans)
  • Edit Pig Litters:
    • Previous litters of sow will not be loaded on subsequent Crtl+Enter key presses
    • 21d and wean age now calculates immediately where the 21d/wean date is changed
    • Death reasons will be highlighted where the reasons are greater than the number filled in at 21d+wean deaths
  • Added shortcut to Create Pig Litter Animals on the Add and Edit Window.
  • Official ID format changed to default to requested format when adding animal from the Create Pig Litter Animals window. Official ID field now also visible here.
  • Added shortcut to Send Wean Data (to SA Stud Book) to the Pig Quick Links window.
  • "..." quick edit buttons added to Send Mating Window to open sow / boar in Add and Edit Window
  • Birth Notification window changed so that multiple litter records can be edited at once in the edit Pig Litters Window when clicking on the "..." quick edit button. All the records marked in the "S"(elected) column will be opened in the Edit Pig Litters Window.
  • Weekly Action Lists:
    • Aborted litters now not included in 21d and wean lists, nor where # Alive-# Fostered Off = 0
    • Pregnancy list: Added field `Not in Pig` displaying date where sow was confirmed not pregnant.
  • Sow Card:
    • All matings since last farrowing now displays.
    • Options to switch sections on the sow card on and off.
  • My Reports on Litters: The batch selection criteria now work.
16-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Scale file can now also import scrotum circumference, shoulder height, hip height, body length and skin thickness. If these measurements are taken on a phase C/D performance test end date, the body measurements performance test window will automatically pick and load these imported measurements.
10-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Added specie Leopard.
08-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Scale file import can now also import RTU measurements.
08-09-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmGame There was an error when changing an animal`s camp in the darting window. The camp changed saved to the animal record but not to the animal groups.
08-09-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll The name of the user defined reports was all changed to "My Reports". User Defined Animal Groups were changed to "Animal Groups and Camps", "Primary Groups" to "Categories" and "Secondary Groups" to "Groups". The functionality stays the same, it`s only the labels that were changed to be more understandable.
08-09-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Defaults for pregnancy periods for all species.
08-09-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmGame DNA Certification of Parents. Certification information of the dam could not be entered if the sire was unknown.
27-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmGame The Game per capita report did not export on Windows 8 computers.
26-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Define own bloodlines under Settings > Bloodlines
25-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmPigs On the Mating window, the days since last mating will be highlighted red in case the days are less than 19.
25-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmPigs The animal Status was added to the Create Pig Litter Animals window. The status will by default be "Non-Active" when the window is opened from the performance testing window and "Active" when opened from Pig Quick Links.
25-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmPigs On the Add & Edit Window (Single Animal Layout) an option "Auto Update Siblings" was added. This option is on by default and will cause sibling animals to be automatically updated without the popup confirmation message asking to update siblings or not. Please note that siblings are regarded as pigs with the same sow and birthdate.
25-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmPigs At the farrowing window the number of piglets born dead will not be added to litter numbers when calculation the start piglet IDnr for the next litter.
25-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmPigs There was a problem that two farrowings for the same sow could be entered on the same day. Then also when trying to delete one of these farrowings, an error occurred. Both fixed.
25-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmPigs On Edit Pig Litters window, Crtl+D brings up a popup window where the death reasons can be entered.
25-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmPigs On the Farrowing window, when farrowings are saved, the cursor will jump back to the sow field.
21-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll Auto rotation of animal photos. Most digital cameras save orientation information in the jpg photo file when the camera is turned 90 or 270 to take vertical photos. BenguFarm will now read this jpg orientation information and auto rotate the photo into an upright orientation in such cases.
20-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmPigs Previously when changing a piglet IDnr in the Create Pig Litter Animals window, a new piglet was created instead of just changing the existing piglet`s IDnr.
20-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmBeef Sending of performance test weight for NFR animals with a cancellation date on birthdate will not be blocked anymore
19-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmGame Springbuck progeny with colour unknown displayed twice on progeny view screen on main window.
15-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmAll Could not delete a camp where history camp movement records were present.
12-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Various cosmetic and smaller changes and additions, especially related to GAME module.
12-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmBeef Added Stud Book cancellation reason 48: Died Difficult Calving
11-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll At the auction catalogue, when adding animals to the list of already selected auction animals, the lot numbers will be assigned where last filled in and not again from one.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Option added to horn measurement graph on main screen by which the user can select which horn measurements must be plotted on the graph. Click on the hammer+wrench icon at top left of graph access these options. Option also available to plot graph in logarithmic scale.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Animal weights can now be entered on the Animal Darting Window.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame The following horn measurements were added and default horn measurement lists updated to reflect traits measured by default per specie: Ring 1 - Ring 10 Distance, Horn Number of Turns, Horn Turning Circle, Horn Inner Tip-Tip, Horn SCI Tip-Tip Length, Horn SCI Index
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Alternative method for calculating expected calving dates without any mating or pregnancy data. The request was put forward by a number of game breeders that minimum expected calving dates should calculated by taken into the account the earliest breeding age heifers (Settings > Herds > Pregnancy and Calving: Youngest Age at 1st Mating) and the last calving date and rest period (Settings > Herds > Pregnancy and Calving: Rest Period) for cows. In addition, the normal pregnancy period (Settings > Herds > Pregnancy and Calving: Normal Period Pregnant) is then used to calculate a theoretical earliest possible expected calving date as displayed on various reports. To enable this alternative method of calculating expected calving date please tick the "Calculate Expected Calving Date without Mating Data" location under Settings > Herds > Pregnancy and Calving. Please note however that where mating and pregnancy data are available, that data will be used to calculate a more accurate expected calving date.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Additional fields added to general and reproduction sections of the report.
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmAll On the calving window, when no prior matings is available and a multisire mating is now created on the calving window, the sire saved in correctly as "? Unknown ?" instead of "? Multisire ?".
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmPigs Corrections and optimizations to Performance Test and Adding Litter Animals windows.
Added culled status to sow card.
Added button to Farrowing window with which birth notification for the new farrowings can be created.
No need to add IDnr for aborted litters at farrowing window
Some correction in the importation of PigPro (DOS) data.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame DNA Verify Parentage. Users can now enter and verify pedigree with this function. Verified pedigrees will be printed with the pedigree verified symbol.
Menu: Animals > DNA Verified Parentage
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmAll Restore of photo backup didn`t restore correctly in cases where the default folder for photos were changed in settings.
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmBeef The B2 scrotum and corrected scrotum values did not always display on reports.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Items added to some default lists: Camp Activities, Camp Movement Reasons, Procedures.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Purchase window and report: Added fields for Price per Inch horn measurement and original IDnr
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Menu: Reports > Camps > Animals per Camp Report
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Added selection criteria to various reports by which animals can be selected by which camp they are currently in.
11-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll Add and Edit Animals Window (Single Animal Layout). When editing an animal that has a twin and the calving date is changed, the birth weight of the calf and the twin will also be updated.
11-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll Pre-release update installation package changed. The update will now automatically pick up the correct BenguFarm installation folder and update BenguFarm without the user needing to press a button.
11-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmGame The darting event window was changed so that it isn`t necessary any more to first create a veterinary visit. Also drop down with dates for which data was captured for the selected animal. Just select a date from this list to load the historic data for that date for the selected animal.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmBeef BreedPlan: The importation of the main BreedPlan data file was adjusted to better identify if animals already exists in BenguFarm. Also made adjustments to better identify active and non-active animals and some other minor tweaks. Option added to import extraction file with whole herd`s animal computer numbers file.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Function added to calving window by which a bull can be selected by camp movement history. This is of help where mating records were not recorded. Click on the button. This will bring up a window displaying the bull(s) that were in the same camp as the cow at the stage the cow should have become pregnant. The user cannot select this bull or (bulls as multiple sires).
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmSheep & Goats There was a problem with the calculation of corrected sheep weights and corresponding indexes for W1 - W4 weights. In resulted the in some cases the BenguFarm and SA Stud Book values differed substantially.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Button added to PhotoTape window to directly open the Photos and Documents window from which new photos could be linked to animals.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Import Open Format: Added additional Fields:
DNA Number, Microchip Implantation Date, Microchip Place Implanted, Colour Split, Teeth Condition and for Manure Samples: Date, Specie, Egg Count and Remark
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Last horn measurements added as selection criteria to user defined report and then be displayed.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmSheep & Goats Dohne Merino inspection data can now be exported in electronic format and send to society.
Data Send / Receive > Send > Classing List: Dohne Merino
11-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmGame A left freeze pane were implemented on the Horn Measurement Report so that animal IDnr stays visible where scrolling right to see horn measurements possible not visible on smaller screens. Also added function to copy report contents to clipboard. It can then for example be pasted into Excel.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll GPS coordinates added to Animal Sightings input window and report.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Users can now select which photos are printed on the animal summary / auction catalogue. Previously the 4 latest photos by date were included on the report. Field "Reports" now added to Photos and Documents window. Tick the Photos that must be included on reports. If more than four photos and selected in this way, the four latest photos by date will be included on the mentioned reports.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Sub-Specie, bloodline, microchip and DNA number added to Add Animal Wizard window.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Added price per horn measurement received to Sales / Animals left Herd window and related report.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Additional fields added to calving window for sub-specie, bloodline and colour split. These fields will now also automatically be populated given the applicable values of the sire and dam.
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmAll On the User Defined Animal Groups window, when filtering animals on the left pane, the sex of the animal did not display.
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmAll Under some circumstances, animal data did not completely on the Add and Edit Animals (Single Animal Layout).
11-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll The layout of the Add and Edit Animals (Single Animal Layout) was widened a bit to better space out fields.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Add and Edit Animals (Table Layout): Fields added for camp movement date and reason.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Species, Sub-species and Bloodlines
Some sub-species was incorrect and should have been bloodlines. Added field Bloodline to Add and Edit Animal windows (Single and Table layout). Also General view on main screen, user defined report (criteria and view column) and animal summary report. Additional Species added and where applicable additional sub-species and bloodlines.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Record can now be kept of DNA samples sent to UniStel. At the top right hand corner of the UniStel window, just check the "Yes, keep record of the sent samples specified below" option and fill in the applicable fields. Go to Reports > Administration > Log of DNA Samples Sent to create a report on DNA samples sent to laboratories.
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmGame The number of horn rings left and right did not display correctly on the trait report. (It did display correctly on the horn measurements report.)
11-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmGame The GAME per-capita report was changed to display fields important to game breeders. Removed Family code and added: Sub-Specie, Bloodline, Colour and Split.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Field added to Calving and Add and Edit Animal windows to mark that the sex of a calf is unknown. The "?" field to the right of the animal sex field. Sex unknown animals will be displayed with a red background colour on the main window. Selection criteria and columns for sex unknown also added to user defined report.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Heifers and Cows for Pregnancy Examination report: Added selection criteria to included animals that are a minimum and or maximum number days since the previous calving date.
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmAll User defined report export to CSV generated error where dates fields were included and some values where empty.
11-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame The user can now select to print a farm logo at the top of the animal summary report instead of the existing heading. Also added section for animal reproduction data, such as last calving date and calf, ICP, mating and pregnancy information.
11-08-2014 CORRECTED BenguFarmBeef An error occurred when trying to save cancellation records created from the Logix per-capita comparison window.
10-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Heifers and Cows near Calving report: Added selection criteria to included animals that are a minimum days since the previous calving date and another criteria to included animals in a certain camp.
10-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Animal Summary Report added. User can select which data should be displayed on the report: General Information, Photos, Purchase and Sale Information, Pedigree, Horn and other Measurements, Microchip Implants, DNA and Manure Samples Taken, Camp Movement History, Vaccinations, Health History and Progeny
10-08-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmGame Animal Darting Window:
Worm Counts changed to Manure Samples with options to enter worm specie, egg count and a remark.
Multiple microchip implants can now be entered per animal.
07-08-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll
12-05-2014 ADDED BenguFarmGame Various Game related additions and changes. Specifications will be provided at a later stage...
07-05-2014 ADDED BenguFarmBeef Veterinary Network Health and Management Services Integration (beta 1) Add-Inns > Veterinary Network
15-04-2014 ADDED BenguFarmAll Inoculation view screen added to main window.
11-04-2014 CHANGED BenguFarmAll Speed improvements on main and animal information (single layout) windows.

HOW TO INSTALL THE UPDATE PLEASE NOTE: This a pre-release update of BenguFarm for .Net Framework 3.5

New to BenguFarm for .Net 3.5
The official .Net 3.5 Update was released on 15 January 2012. Clients who bought BenguFarm before March 2011, should have received a BenguFarm update CD through the post. Clients who bought BenguFarm from March 2011 onwards, did receive pre-release version of BenguFarm for .Net 3.5 and didn't need a CD. They could simply download the update from the web.
Clients who still have the older .Net 1.1 version BenguFarm, will first have to install BenguFarm for .Net 3.5 before they can download a pre-release from this page.

Related Downloads for clients who still use BenguFarm for .Net 1.1:
A.  Microsoft .Net 3.5 Framework (SP1) (231 MB)
B.  Crystal Reports Run-Time for Visual Studio 2008 (17.7 MB)
C.  BenguFarm .Net 3.5 Setup (20.6 MB) **
D.  3rd party Components (8 MB) ** [extract to BenguFarm installation directory]

** For a new installation, download and install a, b, c and the latest BenguFarm .Net 3.5 Pre-Release. When updating an existing BeefPro installation, download and install A, B, D and the latest BenguFarm .Net 3.5 Pre-Release.
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